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ZK Collaboration

A band that was born out of destiny and friendship. It just had to happen. „Z” stands for Zagórski and „K” for Kądziela, the two founders of the band. But let us introduce you to the whole band: Maciej Kadziela (saxophones), Adam Zagórski (drums), Kuba Mizeracki (guitar), Mateusz Gawęda (keys), Roman Chraniuk (bass). 

The band compares their music to Slow Food, as each note is carefully thought out like a blade of rosemary or a pinch of cardamom in a dish. They work slowly and take their time to prepare their music, sometimes spending days or even weeks perfecting each aspect. This meticulous approach gives them great faith in their music and allows them to sincerely convey their artistic soul to the audience, showcasing how they perceive the world. 

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