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Dima Belinski – pianist, composer, arranger and teacher at „Gh. Dima” National Music Academy (Cluj-Napoca), together with a few talented students, decided to remake some Romanian oldies-but-goodies into jazz flavored pieces. There is some dark-irony befind the name DSP, as for most Romanians it stands for „Direcția de Sănătate Publică” – Department of Public Health, which was informing us daily about the course of the pandemy. As for us, DSP means „Dima Student Project”. Now we promote ourselves as DS Project Orchestra.

Dima Belinski (band leader, piano), Ioana-Maria Repciuc (voice), Claudiu Cebotari (trumpet 1), Ștefan Ilaș (trumpet 2), Darius Teglaș (trombone), Cristian Munteanu (alto sax/clarinet), Balázs Benedek (tenor sax), Tamás Tóth Fábián  (electric bass), Marc Pocola (drums)

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