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After overcoming a pandemic and relocating, we are thrilled to announce our return to Central Park. The place where we honed our craft and gave back to the Cluj community for seven memorable years.

This year, we are taking things to the next level with “International Jazz in the Park”. Our goal is to establish it as one of Europe’s top international jazz competitions, featuring three days of electrifying performances by young musicians from around the world, competitive prizes, and headlining acts that will bring each night to an unforgettable close. And, to truly recapture the spirit of Jazz in the Park, we have designed a range of engaging activities, all available for free to the public.

Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia 

The 11th edition of Jazz in the Park will take place in the intimate and cozy “Romulus Vuia” Ethnographic Park in Cluj-Napoca. In the first weekend of autumn, you can immerse yourself in a unique blend of music and atmosphere and discover the first open-air museum in Romania. A place with many stories to tell and spots to uncover. Access will be available through tickets, and it’s limited to 5,000 participants. Save your spot and we’ll see you there!


The Concept

We believe that Jazz in the Park is a festival meant to change mindsets. It has the potential to elevate jazz from the realm of “inaccessible” genres and music that require prior initiation to a much more accessible and approachable public level. By bringing the genre to a wider audience, we hope to demonstrate that jazz is not only accessible but also incredibly dynamic and engaging.

Moreover, we want to create a space where individuals can connect with each other and with themselves on a deeper level through experiencing new emotions, expanding their musical horizons, and embracing honesty and authenticity. We believe that Jazz in the Park has the power to leave a lasting impact, defying the fleeting nature of its events.


We have returned Central Park to the community of Cluj.

Before the first edition of our festival in 2013, Central Park was more of a transit space, a place where you could enjoy sitting on benches in designated areas or just walking through it. People were not allowed to sit on the grass or hang a hammock in the trees. Jazz in the Park was the first public event to take place in Cluj’s Central Park in decades. This is because the local authorities trusted us, and we passed that trust on to our community. It was worth it.

We introduced reusable cups. 

In 2018, we were the first event in the country to introduce reusable cups. For a fee of 3 lei, you received a reusable cup that you could fill as many times as you needed. You could even take it home and bring it back the next day. If you returned the cup to the bar with the receipt, you would get your cup fee back. Simple, right? and super eco-friendly.

We have undertaken projects for the community in Pata Rât 

We really wanted to build a bridge between the community living near the Pata landfill today and the people in Cluj-Napoca. We knew it was important for the two communities to meet, and Jazz in the Park seemed like the perfect connecting tool, which is why: 

  • In 2017 and 2018, we had a day at the festival in Pata with free concerts for everyone. And to facilitate access for all, we provided free transportation from Cluj and back through a network of buses; 
  • Also in 2017, we launched a non-formal education project, a summer school for children in Pata Rât, and offered a one-year sports scholarship to one of the community’s teenagers.
We held Jazz in the Park – Bogata Edition 

After Snoop Dogg checked in to Bogata village in Mures county (instead of Bogota, Colombia), we thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase the tourist potential of Bogata and help the community in some way. So, in one day, we turned a football field into a festival space and managed to raise 3000 euros with the help of the community, which were donated to the residents of Bogata to be invested as needed.

 Our activities have been recognized and awarded: 

Jazz in the Park has evolved greatly in the eight years and we must acknowledge that we are truly proud of our work and honored by the continued positive reactions from the public. So far, we have: 

  • Won the title of Europe’s Best Small Festival at the European Festival Awards for the 2019 edition; 
  • Been nominated at the AFCN Awards Gala in the Cultural Entrepreneurship category; 
  • Reached the final of the European Festival Awards in the Best Small Festival category (2015, 2016); 
  • Received three Silver Awards at the Romanian PR Award (2016, 2019); 
  • Been nominated for the Romanian Hospitality Award (2018); 
  • Reached the final of the European Festival Awards in the “The A Stand” Award category (2018); 
  • Won the Event & Manager of the Year awards at the Jazz Awards Gala (2016); 
  • We became members of the Europe Jazz Network (2018);
  • Joined the European Festival Association, Yourope (2020);
  • Been shortlisted for Best Small European Festival Awards (2022);


Ten amazing editions and counting! We’re thrilled to have witnessed the growth of the festival with each passing year and grateful to have shared it all with thousands of friends, artists, collaborators, partners, and volunteers. If you’re curious, take a stroll down memory lane and explore our history! 

Previous editions




  • 4 Days of Music
  • 1 Park
  • 5 Stages
  • 52 Concerts
  • 1.000 Media Appearences
  • 17.500 Participants
  • Two days of heavy rain at the Ethnographic Park and one sold-out; 
  • People’s Aftermovie in partnership with Mega Image;
  • We introduced the Night Stage and Young Stage; 
  • We were shortlisted for the European Festival Awards;

The Comet is Coming, Asaf Avidan, Avishai Cohen Quartet, Dhafer Youssef, Yussef Dayes, Roberto Fonseca Trio, Amadou & Mariam, Erik Truffaz Quartet, Skalpel, Teodora Enache-Brody, Mircea Tiberian Trio, Shay Hazan, Elena Mîndru Quartet, Luiza Zan Duo, Andi Moisescu, London Afrobeat Collective, Apifera, Mădălina Pavăl Orchestra, Trigon, Anna Haus, Ganna, Blazzaj, Jazzbois, Marta Popovici, VRTW.


  • 4 Days of Music

  • 3 Spots throughout the city

  • 7 Stages

  • 42 Concerts

  • 18.000 Participants

  • 1.026 Media Appearences
  • It was the second edition held during the pandemic. 

  • It took place in three different locations in Cluj: the Ethnographic Park, Iulius Park, and the USAMV Campus.


Fatoumata Diawara, José James with Taali, Dominic Miller, Fanfare Ciocârlia, Hania Rani, Nik Bärtsch, Marco Mezquida, Ron Minis, Taraf de Caliu, Balkan Taksim, Taraful de Vărbilău, Sorin Zlat Trio, Teodor Pop Solo, Bogdan Vaida, VRTW Artists: Dodo, Bully, Puiu, UFe, Karak, Iorga, Moonlight Breakfast, Mörk, Kornelia Binicevicz DJ set, Habibi Funk DJ set, Big Dimm a’Band, Luiza Zan, Alexandrina Hristov, Jazzybit, A-C Leonte, Arcuș Trio, Beats Remedy, Essential Notes, Rubié Trio.


  • 3 Days
  • 3 Stages
  • 15 Concerts
  • 1.500 Participants
  • 593 Media Appearences
  • It was an edition that was marked by the restrictions of the pandemic, hence the name “Tiny Version.” The pandemic imposed:
    • a change in the date of the event (from June to September).
    • a change in location (it was the first edition to take place at the Ethnographic Park).
    • a limited number of participants (500 per day)
    • testing conditions.

Teodora Brody Enache, Damian Drăghici Etnic Jazz Band, JazzyBIT, RVQ, Julian M, Muntet, Diana Săveanu, Rubié Trio, As we exhale, Edina & Friends, Karak și Iorga, Two Sides Records cu Moss Farai & Alin Bittel.



We are a cultural association from Cluj with initiatives at the national level. Through what we do, we strive to have a positive impact on our community, change the meaning of public spaces, and turn the city into a place for artistic expression. So far, through our projects, we have managed to: 

  • organize over 500 concerts; 
  • gather over 1 million participants at our events; 
  • reach over 30 million people on social media; 
  • and earn the trust and support of over 150 partners. 

In addition to Jazz in the Park, we also organize the International Jazz in the Park Competition, the Pop-Up Jazz Club, a nomad series of jazz concerts, Music Gallery, an interactive and traveling exhibition dedicated to music, Classic Unlimited, a piano concert tour around the country, and Art in the Street, an event dedicated to street art. 

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